The working principle of double acting telescopic shock absorber

During the compression stroke, an automobile wheel moved closer to the body, the shock absorber is compressed, the shock absorber piston moves down 3. The piston chamber volume reduction, increase the oil pressure, oil flows through the flow valve 8 to above the piston cavity (cavity). Superior is a piston rod 1 occupied a part of the space, and increase the volume of less than inferior vena reducecavity volume, part of the oil liquid and then push the compression valve 6, back into the oil storage cylinder 5. The valve on the oil saving formed by compression damping force of the suspension movement. Shock absorber in the expansion stroke, the wheel is equivalent to away from the body, the shock absorber under tension. When the shock absorber piston upward movement. The piston cavitypressure increases, the flow valve 8 is closed, the upper chamber oil pushing expanding valve 4 into the inferior vena cava. As the piston rod cavity flow exists,since the oil is not enough to fill a cavity increased volume, the inferior vena generates a vacuum, then the oil storage cylinder in the open valve 7 into the vena supplement. Because the valve throttling effect of suspension play a damping effect in stretching exercises.

Due to the stiffness and preload design expanding valve spring is greater than thecompression valve, at the same pressure, expansion valve and the correspondingChangtong slit channel containing the area is less than the sum of the compression valve and corresponding Changtong slit channel cross-sectional area sum. This makes the shock absorber damping force generated by the expansion stroke is greater than compression stroke damping force, achieve the rapid dampingrequirements.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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