Advantage seat mounted damper

The damping energy dissipation is not what to absorb new technology, in the aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automotive and other industries have a wide variety of applications damper (or shock absorber) to vibration energy dissipation.From twentieth Century seventy years later, people began to put these technicalconversion to buildings, bridges, railway engineering, its development is very rapid.

Damper mounted to the seat, to drag, noise protection, three major effects.Humanized design, let the chair slowly rebound, a sound not, avoid noise andvibration generated strong rebound is not installed seats when the damper, so that the screw parts are not easy to loose, play a role in protecting the seat, greatly enhance the seat grade and quality, enhance competitiveness in the market andthe seat seat bid rate, can bring good economic benefits for the enterprise. Largetender units seat bidding document are added to the green chair, no sound, slow rebound, many bids directly state the seat with damper, so the seat mountingdamper is represent the general trend.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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