Damper Daxian power: power cable bridge successfully opened (damper)

These days, Xiangxi Aizhai suspension bridge officially opened to traffic. To improve the seismic performance of bridge safety, improvement of bridges, thedamper products by Zhuzhou Institute under the South during the period of the newmaterial supply.

Create 4 first in the world to Aizhai bridge is located in Jishou City, Hunan provinceXiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Aizhai Town, 1176 meters long bridge, the bridge 350 meters high, is currently the world’s largest canyon span suspension bridge.The ”span”, ”the risk” characteristics caused by the stiffness is small, easyoccurrence of vibration under load. Seismic vibration is arranged on the bridgesteel truss beam ends with damper, which can effectively solve the problem of wind,earthquake. CSR times new material with itself in bridge building and buildingseismic engineering application skills of precipitation and the capability of independent innovation, achieve damper Aizhai bridge supplier qualification in intense competition.

Viscous damper is the content of highway, railway industry skills recognized high,difficulty in making bridge products, characteristics of Aizhai bridge project of large tonnage, large displacement of the car more during the period of the new materialin the design, processing and assembling is facing the challenges of bias.

In the face of the short delivery cycle, CSR times new material through the independent development of the computer program and the advanced finite element analysis software, the mechanical properties of products and internal fluidanalysis and accurate calculation, greatly extend the development cycle, but also to ensure safe and reliable products threaded connection, weld strength and windingstability etc.. In the consumer production, CSR times new material applicationindependent design of large displacement of viscous damper assembly task tableproduction, to ensure product quality. By detecting the Beijing University of Technology shows that in third party products and ultra high voltage testing,complete car during the period of the new materials to produce viscous dampermeet the Aizhai bridge target basic properties and application of life, even ifsubjected to high loading (up to a maximum of 2 times the maximum damping forcedesign) is absolutely safe.

In recent years, CSR times new material used in the strength of isolation productsand other special bearing industry, and increase of highway, the construction market development efforts, carried out a series of new products research and development tasks, independent design products have been successfully used inXiangxi Aizhai bridge, Longjiang bridge, Zhangzhou nine big railway passenger dedicated line the domestic famous buildings in Luqiao, of which nine Longjiang bridge is currently the practical application of the largest tonnage model elastic-plastic steel damper bearing, big Western names as the world largest tonnage loading speed locking device.

In the future, CSR times new material will inherit the culture damper center skills,caused a series of standardized product system, establish a good image of domestic isolation category, boosting national basic establishment.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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