The damper is what device, mainly used in what areas?

A little knowledge of the people know, damper is a kind of the installation of suchfrictions and other obstacles: the free vibration attenuation, which we call thedamping. And placed in the structural system of ”special” member can supply the movement resistance movement, depletion of energy installation.

Application of damper to absorb the energy dissipation is not what new skills, in the aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automotive and other industries have a wide variety of applications damper (or shock absorber) to vibration energy dissipation.From twentieth Century seventy years later, people began to gradually put theseskills to build, to bridge, railway construction project, its development is very quick.Especially the hydraulic viscous damper has 50 years of history, is constructed inUSA engineering received before, has experienced a large number of experiments,harsh review, repeated demonstration, especially the long history of seismic test.The following process 1 shown in history, summarize it

· damper in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery and other industriesuniversal application, decades of successful application of history

And the last century 80′s start in the USA two earthquake research center and other units for a large number of experimental studies, announced dozens ofrelated papers

90 years, USA National Science Foundation and the Institute of civil engineeringand other units organized two large, controlled experiment made by the third party,gives the experiment report authoritative, professors and engineers for reference

In certain more effect basically is almost all relevant institutions, norms and rulesreview, certain application method of the damper

· governance sector through, brought hundreds of damper structure engineering practice. These structural engineering, successful experience, the earthquakedisaster test, very red.

Engineering structure with damper damping

In twentieth Century, especially in the past two years, thirty people to progress on the building of anti vibration ability has made great efforts, obtained apparent effect. The effect of the most proud of is that ”structure of the cover system”.People jumped out of the traditional reinforced beam, column, wall and antivibration ability progress point of view, combined with the energy properties of the structure, the wonderful avoid or increase the earthquake, wind damage. The basicisolation (Base Isolation), all kinds of application of damper (Damper) and energy absorption, energy dissipation system, quality resonance damping system on the roof of the high-rise building (TMD) and control (Active Control) damping system isalready to engineering practice. Some have become increasing vibrationindispensable measures to protect. Especially for difficult to hunch earthquake,multidimensional vibration damage mechanism is not very clear, the structure of thesystem becomes more important.

The least controversial cover the structure system, the seismic energy beneficial harmless system is application of damper to row it is difficult to anticipate.Application of the damping energy dissipation is not what to absorb new skills, in aerospace, military industry, guns, damper motor industry has various applications to vibration energy dissipation. From twentieth Century seventy years later, people began to gradually put these skills to the project construction, bridge, railway, itsdevelopment is very quick. By the end of the twentieth Century, the world has more than 100 construction engineering application to absorb the energy dissipationdamper. By 2003, only the Taylor company in the world to install 110 building,bridge or other structure building.

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