Shock absorber maintenance method

In order to make the frame and the vibration of the body decays rapidly, improve ride comfort and comfort, the vehicle suspension system are generally equipped with shock absorbers, widely used in automobile is double acting telescopic shock absorber.

The shock absorber is used in the process of wearing parts for automobile shock absorber, work is good or bad, will directly affect the car stationarity and other partsof life, so we should make the shock absorber is always in good working condition.The following methods can be used to test whether the work of good shock absorber.

1 car 10km road conditions in poor road parking, touch the damper housing, if not hot enough that no resistance, shock absorber, damping device does not work. At this time, can join the proper lubricating oil, then the test, if the housing heating, forshock absorber internal lack of oil, should add enough oil otherwise, explain shock absorber invalidation.

2 press the bumper, then release, if the car has 2~3 jumps, the shock absorberwork well.

3 when the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the vehicle vibration is severe, the damper has a problem.

4 remove vibration damper of the upright, and the lower end of the connecting ring is clamped in a vise, pull vibration damping rod several times, at this time should bestable resistance, pull up resistance should be greater than the downward pressureresistance, such as the resistance is not stable or no resistance, may be damagedshock absorber internal lack of oil or valve parts for repair or replacement parts,should be.

In determining the shock absorber has a problem or failure, should first checkwhether the oil shock absorber or old oil spill.

If the shock absorber no oil leakage phenomenon, should check whether there is damage, Bush, sealing off, break or fall off. If the examination is normal, should befurther decomposed shock absorber, clearance inspection between piston and cylinder is too big, there is no strain cylinder, valve seal is good, and the valve seat valve joint is tight, and extension spring and shock absorber is too soft or broken,by grinding or replacement. Check repair according to shock absorber connectingpin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber, situation.

In addition, the shock absorber sound malfunction occurs in actual use, which is mainly due to the collision shock absorber with steel springs, frame or shaft, rubber pad damage or loss and shock absorber cylinder deformation caused by dust, oiland other issues, should identify the reasons, repair.

Shock absorber should work performance test in a special test rig in the inspectionafter the repair, when the resistance frequency at 100 ± 1mm, the rebound and compression stroke resistance should accord with the regulations that basically normal, shock absorber.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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