Shock absorber characteristics

sign and application of vibration isolator, should consider the following factors: first, to provide vibration isolation capacity required; ② can withstand the specified load; it can withstand the temperature and other environmental conditions(humidity, corrosive fluids) changes; the vibration characteristics of certain; ⑤ meet the isolator weight and volume requirements isolator application equipment.

The excitation frequency is lower than the quality (equipment) the natural frequency of the spring system, vibration isolator without vibration isolation;excitation frequency and natural frequency, vibration will be enlarged; only when the excitation frequency is greater than 匇 times the natural frequency, vibration isolator is the isolation effect. Usually requires 3 times greater than the natural frequency of the excitation frequency of 2 ~, in order to obtain good effect of vibration. Vibration system with viscous damping single degree of freedom, while ignoring the damping, natural frequency of K vibration isolator LK, m isolator above the lumped mass. When the amount of δ st is proportional to the load of static compression of vibration isolator, such as steel spring, natural frequency; delta st is measured in meters. The natural frequency of vibration isolator rubber is often higher than that of type

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Post time: May-09-2017
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