Shock absorber and shock absorber?

In general are the ”vibration” word more common. But there are a few ”shock”, then what are the two words which is more suitable for use in the shock absorber. Then we will refer to the physics and the Xinhua Chinese dictionary. The object of theback and forth movement called “vibration” such as bird “fly” and “exciting” vibration”spirit” abstract said. The ”shock” with earth is taking place or fibrillation argument.For example, train ”shock”, also have “Wrath” earthquake ”". Then the damper forwhich good? People may say: damper, vibration reduction effects of the car and theground. In fact, the damper is smaller amplitude ”spring” of the role. The car and the ground vibration effect is ”spring” plays the main role. We called the car spring bow,which belongs to the chassis and suspension system. So the automobile shock absorber or ”vibration” word.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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