Metal rubber damper

Study on the technology of metal rubber to metal wire as raw materials, the development of an elastic porous material, the material can be prepared with special properties of the metal rubber component. Metal rubber component to the wire as raw materials, does not contain any ordinary rubber, but is elastic andporous rubber like, especially suitable for solving the high and low temperature,large temperature difference, high pressure, high vacuum, strong radiation,vibration and corrosion environment such as vibration damping, filtering, sealing,cutting and sound-absorbing noise and other problems, according to therequirements of different working conditions of producing various structural shapes.But with storage and long service life, no aging phenomenon, is the best substitute of the ordinary rubber aerospace, national defense weapon and civilian special conditions.

1, with the wire as raw materials, does not contain any ordinary rubber, but is elastic and porous rubber like.

2, high and low temperature resistance, high temperature, high vacuum, strong radiation and corrosive environment.

3, high bearing capacity, fatigue resistance, no aging, longevity and long storage time.

4, can meet the damping, damping, sealing, filtering, throttle and noiserequirements, is the best alternative to special under ordinary rubber products andother porous materials.

5, the performance index is designed, changing the process parameters and the method of different, can be prepared by metal rubber products with the size andcharacteristics of different structure.

6, suitable for aerospace, missile ship star, national defense weapons and equipment, petrochemical and automobile industry and other fields, with distinctive characteristics of military and civilian dual-use.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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