Engineering structure damper

n twentieth Century, especially the vibration resistance ability of nearly two people,thirty years of building the improvement has been made great efforts, and achieved remarkable results. This results in the most proud is ”protection system structure”.People jumped out of the traditional reinforced beam, column, wall and improve the ability of anti vibration of the concept, combined with the dynamic performance of structure, cleverly avoiding or reducing the earthquake, wind damage. Base isolation (Base Isolation), the damper (Damper) and energy absorption, energy dissipation system, quality resonance damping system on the roof on the top of the building (TMD) and active control (Active Control) damping system is already toengineering practice. Some have already been the protective measures to reduce the vibration can not be less. Especially for difficult to predict earthquakes,multidimensional vibration failure mechanism is not very clear, the protectionsystem structure is more important.

The least controversial these structural protective systems, system beneficial harmless is making use of a damper to absorb the earthquake energy is expectedto. The damping energy dissipation is not what to absorb new technology,aerospace, military, guns, damper motor industry has various applications tovibration energy dissipation. From twentieth Century seventy years later, people began to put these technical conversion to buildings, bridges, railway engineering,its development is very rapid. By the end of the twentieth Century, the world hasmore than 100 structure engineering using the damper to absorb the energy dissipation. By 2003, only Taylor has installed 110 buildings in the world, bridge or other structure building.

Taylor Taylor from 1955 onwards the company over a large number of long-termspaceflight, military industrial test, the first test is a technique that can be applied tostructure engineering, made a lot of shaking table model tests, in Americaearthquake research center of computer analysis, published dozens of papers.Structure with dampers is the key to durable, stable time and temperature changes,the Tyler Company through the analysis of long-term test of damper and contrast,other products are very difficult to see from the. America formulate correspondingdesign specifications are Tyler Company damper based products. The products with advanced technology, reasonable structure and reliable technology, high transparency, but also can manufacture damper suitable for various purposesaccording to the requirements of the designer. All products have been manufactured before the strict test, the hysteretic curve is given. Taylor of Taylor company from the world more than 130 projects, the actual application of 32 bridges, and accumulated lots of experience.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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