Damper used in daily life

Open the sliding door wardrobe, folded clothes, the hanging clothes, all done, a pleasant mood, with a push, and want the door shut, then a loud “bang”, the doorhit the door frame, and then suddenly bounce back, sliding a stopped. The resultsyou have cheerful mood by the loud noise to the startled Not the least trace was found., door also leave a narrow gap without the strict.

To solve this problem is actually very easy, with the last small damper on the line. Ifthe damper door, when you close the door gently toward you, the force direction ofslip past, away from the door frame and a short distance will pause and then slow down, moving slowly to the door, and then completely closed, a crack will not leave.

Imagine, if you have a beautiful chest, ”he just shut the door noise panic”, that is ahow killjoy. The damper door, even if you go off with great force, will not produceimpact door phenomenon. A damper is small, completely destroying the closing noise, allows you to experience the magic and the close of the modern science and technology.

Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the wardrobe, must be careful about thesales staff these details, so that you will be able to have a not only the appearance of good-looking, and the use of smooth, quiet.

The damper has anti earthquake: in order to make the repair and strengthening of building up to absorb the earthquake energy function, the construction personnelshould absorb the earthquake energy components to set up specialized in building isolation layer, the project known as the damper. In order to increase the friction,achieve the damping effect.

If the net space smaller installation of dampers, and the upper and lower part of the structure and are not allowed to cross, it can use the petal type damper. Because the petal type damper is reset in the horizontal direction, and a certain level ofsupport stiffness, 墩来 with rubber bearings used in parallel so he can also userigid instead, but need a friction sliding surface is arranged on the top of acomposite mechanism, friction plate and reset damper. This mechanism has the advantages of low height, no direction, the lateral deformation capacity is high, is one of the better isolation components.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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