Damper industry economic recovery

With the development of industry, gradually damper damper wholesale expansion,management way further mature and modernization, how to better use will become increasingly mature capital market, creating new opportunities for brand development, become an excellent brand, the backbone of damper wholesale point of view, there is a lot of damper wholesale had made an attempt, feel just like a fish in water and operation in the capital market the.

The future, China will focus on the damper showed high accuracy, high efficiency,high firmness, multifunction, multiple specifications, varieties of standardization,seriation, universalization, showing its characteristics. Most door enterprises bosssaid, when we seek and OEM cooperation lock enterprises, most enterprises in a number of lifting damper lock is less demand, open mold cost relatively higherfactor declined. Exports account for about China’s light industry 1/3, arrangement of light industry three. Process and technology should be strengthened from cutting technology, stamping, die casting technology, surface treatment technology,automatic assembly line and other aspects.

International economic recovery, damper brand ushered in the export market,especially the development of golden period developing markets. Because of the relative lagging developing mechanical processing industry and overall aging,widespread demand for entrance brand damper damper, damper damperbusinesses is quickly caught the a great opportunity, through commercialagreements and exchanges, gradually develop the capacity of the huge marketand export business.

The brand industry association China machine responsible person said, precisionmanufacturing requires not only accuracy of machine tools, as well as the precision of the cutting tool, fixture not disorderly to guarantee, also need precisionmeasuring instrument calibration, measurement. Director of National EngineeringResearch Center, precision brand Chengdu Brand Research Institute Luo Defu said, so far, the central government in the new cutting tool material, cutting tool material surface modification technology, gear measuring instrument, the results have been in the domestic leading level.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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