A new era of electric vehicles by two damping wheel balance

With the increase in the number of people buy cars, in the densely populated city,city road becomes more and more crowded, especially during rush hour, a likely it is a few hours. Although there is a motorcycle, electric vehicle, and is convenient to use, but because of its poor security, in many city was banned from driving. From a foreign name Danny Kim car enthusiasts a ”future” electric vehicles can use two damping wheel balance, will change this situation.

Reportedly, this was the world’s first use of gyroscope stabilization technology of electric vehicles, even in the absence of any support conditions can still use 2 damping wheel self balance. Whether people play, pull, pull, pull, it is like a tumbleras fail. Unfortunately by other vehicles hit, its own gyroscope, a damping wheel willhappen immediately, try to keep the car balance was not so upset. At the same time, it does not require people to use the foot to support, through the installation of a secure shell, a damping wheel way to improve its security on the car body.

In the power aspect, direct drive electric motor with a power rating of 20 kW /26.8horse, from 0 to 96 km / h acceleration in just 6 seconds, top speed of 160 kilometers per hour, a charge can travel 320 km, performance is very good.Moreover, it (the damping wheel) is still a certain extent, the realization of the intelligent, the user can understand its power and park location through mobile phone.

Compared with cars it volume, the damping wheel size considerably, also it has higher security compared with ordinary electric vehicle, very suitable for use in a crowded city traffic. At present, it is still in the testing phase, continuous improvement will be launched after the market as soon as possible.

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Post time: May-09-2017
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